What are the minimum requirements for a contract management system?

We regularly receive questions from organizations about the minimum requirements for a contract management system, what are the minimum requirements to ensure the process is properly supported and separate must haves and nice to haves?


Although the contract management requirements for a contract management system can differ per organization, we have been able to discover a common thread over the years.


Basically, the fields with which the information can be managed are of course the basis, for example:

  • Contract number
  • The title (short description) of a contract
  • Entity
  • The contract manager
  • Contracting party (this can be a supplier or customer)
  • Contacts at the contracting party
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Setup period
  • Contract status
  • Master contract
  • Contract value
  • Automatic renewal?
  • Extension period
  • Contract signed on date
  • Contract type
  • Term of payment
  • Delivery conditions
  • Notepad


And it is also very important that you have the opportunity to create contract fields yourself. Finally, working with templates (to control which contract fields are used per contract type) is much more effective than working with 1 screen with all available fields mixed together.


  • Furthermore, the following support functions are very important:
  • possibility to upload documents and link them to a contract
  • possibility to give / deny access to contracts to persons or groups of persons
  • automatic tasks that send email notifications to users, well before the end date – / – notice period date
  • possibility to create tasks yourself for important moments during the term of a contract
  • multiple languages ​​for the system language of the contract management system
  • possibility to process the data from the contract management system into reports and downloads


This is a good basis for proactively managing and monitoring all occurring contracts in your organization.

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