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2Agree is aware that the success of using of a contract management system, like 2Agree, goes hand in hand with the usage of a well thought-out contract management process. For your convenience 2Agree has put together a contract management whitepaper. Via the button “request demo / information” you can request the free contract management whitepaper.
The topics that are discussed in the contract management whitepaper are:

1. What is Contract Management?


Contract Management means managing the contracts which are signed with customers, suppliers etc. It contains execution, managing, monitoring and evaluating the terms and conditions with the purpose that both parties comply to these terms. Documenting the terms and conditions in a userfriendly system, managing the expectations and minimizing the risks during the term of the contract are important aspects of Contract Management.

2. The Contract realization process


Creating a contract
Approving a contract
Register a contract
Archiving a contract

3. Contract implementation


Implementing a contract means making the contract operational.

4. Contract Management


Contract maintenance

Your partner for online contract management


2Agree is your partner for online contract management and enables you to manage all your current contracts of your organization in a safer way. Via the online contract management solution from 2Agree you automatically receive notifications when your contracts expire. In this way you can decide whether you want to terminate a contract and whether you want to renew it. Perhaps there are opportunities to purchase your services cheaper? This gives you enough time to view alternatives, save costs or negotiate your current contract.

2Agree is a must for your company



2Agree is an easy and convenient contract management system which you can use at any time and anywhere in the world. Use your desktop, tablet or laptop and you can quickly and easily get an overview of all your contracts via the internet. Of course, your documents are secured and you can specify which user can view which documents. 2Agree is a must for your company if you want an overview of all your contracts at once, save costs and prevent unwanted contract extensions.