Frequently asked questions

When was 2Agree founded?

In 1 Jan 2009

Do all users have the same user rights?

No, there are different user types (key-user, viewer etc.) with different user-rights (viewing/editing or only viewing)

How will the user be informed about the status of an agreement?

Via the user dashboard and the automatic email notifications

Does everyone have access to each and every agreement?

No, per agreement the access / rights can be setup. In case a user has no right the agreement will not be shown to the user

Can I add / upload documents?

Yes, all types of documents can be uploaded and attached to an agreement

Can I create reports within 2Agree?

Yes, all available data can be extracted from 2Agree via the easy reporting tool

How is user support organized?

  • by selecting the ? (for each field) a brief explanation will be shown
  • in the help section a detailed manual is available and some tutorial movies
  • it is also possible to contact the helpdesk via email or phone

When is the helpdesk available?

The helpdesk is available 24 * 7

Which languages are available in 2Agree?

Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish

What are the costs to use 2Agree?

Depending on the number and type of users a monthly fee is applicable (see pricelist for more details)

Is 2Agree auto-responsive

Yes, 2Agree is PC, laptop and tablet compatible

What device do I need to operate 2Agree?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection, and a recent version web browser

How are updates etc. communicated to the users?

Every 6 months a update newsletter is emailed to all users, in case of important changes 2Agree will make a statement on the login screen

How are updates organized and deployed?

2Agree will continuously be improved, new releases will be deployed during the night or the weekend

How is data management organized?

Each customer has a separate environment and database

How is the safety organized?

All data is stored in the certified datacenter of our hosting partner

Check out the added value of 2Agree

Check out the added value of 2Agree